Sammi & Sofie’s Wholesome Treats

Grain Free, Whole Food, Gluten Free Treats

               What’s In Your Furbaby's Treats?

Finally, a grain free, whole food treat option for your FurBaby!

What you see above is Sammi & Sofie’s Wholesome Treats with only         five ingredients!  We sell our treats in snack size, bulk and super     size, our goal is to make sure your little ones receive fresh, tasty, crunchy treats baked fresh in our convection oven and then into our commercial dehydrator to be preserved the old fashioned way.  

 See the photo with the treats ready for the oven. The special shape is one large treat that can be portioned into as many as 16 pieces, this is great for all sized dogs. 

   Our Treats will last up to a minimum of a year stored in a cool             dry place, that is if your furbaby doesn't find them!

Our treats come in THREE crunchy delicious recipes.

Pumpkin & Peanut Butter 

Sweet-Tator & Peanut Butter

Banana & Peanut Butter  

When you want only the very best for your furbaby, order Sammi & Sofie’s Wholesome Treats, we care for you pets as much as we do ours.